Real User Feedback

Real User Feedback

A positive user experience is necessary to acquire new customers and hold onto them. Gather invaluable feedback on the usability of your sports products by using Trivelo real athletes crowd and find issues before you go to market.

Valuable Insight

How does it work?

As an example... A sportswear manufacturer has a revolutionary new piece of compressionware. To find out how effective their product is they use Trivelo. They target 10 testers from the UK, Germany and Lanzarote to perform an extensive usability test. The test covers how users will react to the product through user testing.


We focus on multi-discipline sports products deivering usability testing.

Trivelo is a global crowdsourced usability testing company that ensures users of your new products get the very best experience first time.

We have built a global crowdsourced community of athletes from all disciplines and experience levels.

We perform usability testing in days providing seift insights.