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we are trivelo

Trivelo was founded in 2015 by a handful of passionate real cyclists.  Serious about cycling and bikes, less so about measuring success purely on podiums.  From poor experiences of buying bicycles and getting advice we set up Trivelo to help everyone Go Faster and Spend Smarter.  

Founders of Trivelo

Billy and Scott are the founders and owners of the business.  Trivelo is a real business registered in the UK and here to support a growing community of cyclists.  Our regsitered comany number is 09419807.  They do this because they love it and hopefully that comes through in the writing of every post. This diverse thinking and experiences mean we can bring a range of opinion and not limit it merely to the Founder personal views.   

Trivelo homepage

Who is the Trivelo Cycling Blog for?

This is aimed at all cyclists with useful insight on all aspects of cycling.

General cycling information to help you with buying information on bikes to buy and accessories to consider.  We love finding cool new products and bikes to introduce you to so if you spend money on cycling we want to help.  We tailor content for beginner cyclists as well with hints and tips on the basics in terms of technique, training, safety tips, and gear to get you going.

For hardcore bikes lovers we have over 100 dedicated writers who love the bikes as much as you do.  With hundreds of years of collective cycling knowledge we can help you pick the best bikes and make the most of those you have.  Our niche is really in finding those bicycles and eBikes you might miss.  We cover mainstream bikes but we love to find and write about new and interesting bikes.  There are so many cool bikes out there for you.

How we make money

We are an ezoic advertising partner where they provide targeted content onto the website.  They are a well established digital advertising company and have advanced AI to ensure all adverts placed on our site are appropriate and in line with our audience.  We continually review this with them to ensure the experience of the site is not detrimentally impacted bu these adverts.

We also use affiliate companies when sharing links to buy products. We do not get paid for any of our reviews or recommendations.  All views are based on our panel of expertise opinion.  The commission we receive is based on purchases made where this follows a visit to our site.  We review the affiliate partners we use continually to bring the best prices and deals continually.  This gives us access to contacts in a breadth of cycling anc bicycle companies that we can use to bring you cool new products.  

Why the Trivelo Cycling Blog is different

The Trivelo Cycling Blog is unique thanks to the panel of real cyclists.  Unlike other bike blogs we have a panel of over 100 cyclists from all abilities.  It also brings together cyclists who love all different disciplines.  Road cycling.  Mountain Biking.  Electric Bikes.  You name it we have specialists that love that aspect of cycling.  With this depth of writers we can be trusted to bring you cool products and tips on cycling.  

If you have a passion for triathlon we also have a triathlon blog that has over 250 articles to help you go faster.  

If you have any queries on any of our content or how we work or simply want to reach out and connect then email  billy@trivelo.co.uk