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Best smart turbo trainer

5 Best Turbo Trainers 2024 Buyers Guide

As a keen fan of indoor cycling training I have a round up of the best smart turbo trainers on the market. Transform your indoor cycling training with a smart turbo trainer. Not just a winter training aid!

Raleigh Motus Grand Tour eBike

Are eBikes Legal in the UK?

If you are considering buying an eBike you maybe concerned if they are legal. And if they are is it safe to buy and use one. Read the details around which eBikes you can and cannot buy in the UK.

indoor cycling training

What is Normalized power?

Normalized power is an alternative to average power output from tracking your cycling training. If you have looked at normalized power and ignored it but wondered why it fluctuates read this.

belt drive folding bikes

Benefits of belt drive for folding bikes

Belt Drive bikes are becoming increasingly popular replacing chain bikes. Learn why they are such a good fit for folding bikes and ebikes. For commuters a belt drive folding bike should be on your list before any buy decision.

Bike Groupset

10 Top Tips For bike maintenance from home

Look after your bikes and cut your bike service costs with our 10 top tips on bike maintenance from home. Simple steps for every bike owner to use.

IF score of 1.027

What is Intensity Factor? How to use it in your cycling training.

Intensity Factor is a useful metric for cycling training. What you may not realise it is a vital metric to help you avoid injury so worth paying attention. Learn where to find it. How it is calculated. Why you need it.

Deliveroo logo

What is the Best eBike for Deliveroo riders in the UK?

Thinking of joining the gig economy and becoming a Deliveroo Rider? We help answer your questions including which eBike to buy and where from.

Best electric bikes for Seniors in the UK

Best eBikes for Seniors in the UK

Helping any Seniors buy an eBike and advice on what to look for when buying an electric bike. We take the uncertainty away from the eBike buying journey. Helping Seniors in the UK discover the benefits of eBikes to help them get riding.

Pure flux one hybrid single speed eBike

5 Best Single Speed Electric Bikes - Simple eBikes you will love

For anyone considering their first electric bike we would recommend a single speed bike. Simple to use and maintain single speed eBikes are the perfect choice for cyclists of all sizes.


What type of bike should you use for a Triathlon?

Thinking of your first triathlon? Worried about what bike you might need and if the BMX in the shed will be frowned upon. Check out our guide to what types you can use and if it makes a difference.

Shimano clipless pedals

Cliipless pedals vs flat pedals - which help you go faster?

We have all the information you need on clipless pedals. Are they faster? When are you ready to use them? How to start using them? Read our guide and find out how they might give you 10% speed.

eBike sales skyrocketing

eBike Sales have been skyrocketing - find out why and what the future looks like

If you are looking at buying an electric bike or have already bought one we share insights on the eBike market bringing news from leading industry experts and from our panel of eBike specialists.

road bike handlebars

11 Top Tips for cornering faster on a road bike. Beginners Guide to corner with confidence

11 Fantastic Tips for beginner cyclists to consider on how to corner faster when using a road bike. Above all enjoy the ride and use these tips to corner with more confidence.


How Does Strava Work?

How Does Strava Work? Can you use it for free and is it something that everyone can benefit from? We help you find the best application to get some science into your training and exercise.

MiRider One Inner City Cycling

MiRider One Review - Next Generation Folding Ebike

Over a 100 mile trial we ride and test the MiRider One. Everything from how to unpack and build your bike to real life range experience. If you are looking for a new folding eBike this review is for you. Read on for the best prices and ways to buy this impressive folding electric bike.

7 Reasons to Exercise At Lunchtime

7 Reasons to Exercise at Lunchtime

We explore the topic of when is the best time to workout and why you need to be making time for a lunchtime workout. Discover the 7 reasons why you need to be including a lunchtime workout into your routine.

How does a belt drive eBike work?

How Does a Belt Drive eBike work?

Thinking of buying an electric bike? Read our post on how an eBike belt drive system works and why you should consider a belt drive for eBikes.


5 Best Nutrition Tips for Cycling - What food and drink you need for long rides

Fabulous guest post with information on nutrition considerations for cyclists and what they really mean as you look to build mileage and stamina

How to use bike gears effectively

Beginners Guide to Using Bicycle Gears

How to effectively use bike gears to make your life easier. Simple tips for anyone new to using bike gears to help you on your journey


Triathlon Bikes FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions about Triathlon / TT bikes

Working with our panel of Ironman triathletes we have pulled together this short round up of triathlon bike FAQs helping to answer your top queries.

Staying in saddle for uphill cycling

15 Top Tips for Beginners on how to cycle uphill

Helping you conquer the hills we have created this list of the 15 best tips for beginners cycling uphills on a road bike. Use this to build your confidence on long rides with more challenging elevations.

Quarq power meter

15 Reasons why you should be using a power meter

What are the benefits of a cycling power meter? Are they worth the serious investment to bring improvements to your cycling performance? We outline the benfits of using a cycling power meter plus a few reasons why you migh want to avoid one!

Are eBike batteries safe?

Are e-Bike batteries safe? Tips on safe maintenance for eBike batteries

Buying an eBike? Worried about eBike battery safety? If you follow our guidance you can buy with confidence and look after your eBike batteries.