Cycling is a low-impact aerobic workout with numerous health and fitness benefits. It is a form of exercise that keeps you active and aids the development of a healthy physical and emotional lifestyle. 

It is an enjoyable exercise done for leisure and fitness. Cycling is a well-practised physical exercise as it is simple to begin and perfect for people of all ages. 

This article discusses the 5 health benefits of cycling and the safety precautions you should take when riding a bicycle. To remain fit and healthy, you must exercise regularly.

Obesity, heart disease, cancer, mental illness, diabetes, and arthritis may all be avoided by regularly cycling. 

Riding your bike is one of the best strategies to lower your risk of health problems related to an inactive lifestyle.

Benefits of riding a bike

Health Benefits of riding a bike

Riding a bike regularly has been proven to leave tons of health benefits. Some of them include the following;


Strength and flexibility

Cycling, like other aerobic workouts, can improve muscle strength and endurance. 

It also helps to increase muscle in numerous parts of your lower body and build leg muscles without overstressing your joints.

 It focuses on your quadriceps, glutes, thighs, and calves.

Getting a bike for your kids is also suitable for their health as it boosts their physical and mental state.


Make a positive start

Starting your day with healthy exercise, like riding a bike, increases circulation and gives you a sense of achievement. 

As your day go by, you may feel more inclined to make healthy decisions. It also helps you burn fat, improve endurance performance, and increase your energy and metabolism throughout the day.


Enjoy the benefits of outdoors

Biking helps to relieve stress and anxiety. It causes the production of feel-good hormones known as endorphins, which boost your self-esteem and confidence. 

It is beneficial for the mind to get out in nature and feel the fresh outside air and breeze against your face. As you ride along, you may take in the beauty of the sunrise and sunset and a close-up view of wildlife, flowers, and plants.z


Weight reduction

Biking is an effective workout for reducing body fat and mass. Riding a bike can help you lose weight by increasing your metabolic rate, building muscle, and burning body fat. 

It is also adjustable, which means you can adjust the time and intensity of the workout to suit you. According to health magazines, moderate cycling can burn up to 300 calories per hour, depending on your body type. 

You may burn even more calories in less time if you raise the intensity.


Biking reduces the risk of diseases

Biking, like other types of exercise, has been known to lower the risk of various illnesses and ailments.

It decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and premature death. According to WHO, commuting and leisure cycling reduces the incidence of type 2 diabetes.

Cycling safely

Safety precautions while riding

Here are safety tips on riding a bike;

Put on a helmet

It is always advisable to wear a helmet when cycling outside as it decreases the chance of fatal head injuries in a bicycle collision by roughly 80%.

Medical advice

People with specific medical issues may be concerned about their fitness, health, accidents, or falling off a bicycle. 

They should consult with a doctor about safe cycling. Gentle indoor cycling is also a safer option.

Picking the best bike

It would be best if you always looked for a bike that is good for you and puts less strain on your body. 

There are several types of bikes available. Bike professionals, like those at Bobbin Bikes, may recommend a perfect bike for you.


Biking is an excellent fitness choice for individuals looking for a less strenuous workout. This moderate workout can help increase strength, agility, and more if done safely and carefully.


Having founded Trivelo in 2015 after many years competing in triathlon Billy continues to enjoy cycling and triathlon. Founder Billy enjoys road cycling and mountain biking for some adventure. Generally a fair weather cyclist who come the winter months retreats to the turbo trainer!

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