This weeks latest review comes from Steve who has been reviewing the Le Col Pro Aero Jersey. No half measures he races in the jersey and tests it to the full.

Summary of the Review 

Trivelo Score 5/5

The Le Col Pro Aero jersey is a premium level piece of kit from the brand by the same name, owned by former pro cyclist Yanto Barker, it’s a quality looking piece of kit that would fit into any enthusiastic cyclist’s wardrobe.

Le Col Pro Aero Review

Pros & Cons

The jerseys is a very well-made, premium level product, with a very good fit, nice features and subtle branding.

There’s very little if anything to add on the negative side, other than the price of the jersey, but this is a premium product and if you’re looking at this end of the market you know what you’re going to be paying.

First impressions 

On opening the package from the guys at Tri Velo the Pro Aero jersey is clearly a very well-made item, the fabrics feel premiums and an Item I always like to see on a jersey or any other piece of cycling apparel is a YKK zip and this one has a nice little extended pull with Le Col on it. The logos are very subtle with a small Le Col on the left upper chest, the Le Col logo between the shoulder blades and a little Le Col rubberised tab below the rear pockets; the jersey just looks right, very understated but right.

Old school cycling

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Fit of the jersey & Comfort

Being just around 180cm tall and just shy of 80kg I was right between medium and large sizing on the size guide, the test jersey was a large and I’d say the fit is nigh on perfect for me. The fabric has a good amount of stretch in it so I could possibly wear a medium, but I found the fit of the large to be just right. The sleeves are nice and long, something I have come to be accustomed to over the past few years with nice wide grippers at the end which are a series of small grippy dots as opposed to one continuous band, again a very comfortable detail.

There is also a good quality gripper right round the waist of the jersey with Le Cols logo “Ride Fast. Ride Further” printed within, this keeps the jersey where it is meant to be with no riding up during the ride.

Mens Le Col Pro Aero Jersey Mens Le Col Pro Aero Cycling Jersey

The ubiquitous three rear pockets are just the right size and snug enough to ensure nothing falls out, even during the time on test when the majority of rides were on the off road including a couple of mountain bike marathons and some cross-country racing. I happen to have one of Le Col phone wallets and that fits nicely in either of the pockets, there is also a zipped, waterproof pocket on the right for your keys or the like, you’re not getting a modern smart phone in there, but that’s what the afore mentioned wallets are for anyway.

The jersey is certainly comfortable with a nice close fit, the clever arm grippers, and the nice touch of a little cover on the zip at the top to stop any potential rub should you have the zip all the way up.

Quality of the materials

The jersey is made from 80% nylon 20% elastane with polyester used for the logos etc. and the materials immediately feel at the premium end of the market, the front panels and arms have a recessed rib pattern to them which is no doubt used to provide aero gains and fit with the moniker and intended use of the jersey, remember “Ride Fast. Ride Further”. The back and side panels are a more traditional woven effect which feels like it increases breathability where it matters most.

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I’ve worn the jersey a good dozen or so times over the testing period and there’s no discernible wear or discoloration to the black fabric, the zips are all still fully functioning, so there’s no reason to think that you wouldn’t get years of use out of the jersey.

Le Col Pro Areo Jersey pocket Testing Le Col Pro Aero Jersey

How Le Col Pro Aero compares to others

I do like top end cycling kit as it tends to fit better and put up the rigours of riding and racing, a lot of which I do off road so it’s subject to being covered in all sorts, the Le Col Pro Aero jersey is certainly on a par with the clothing I have from other premium suppliers such as Castelli and Northwave  in terms of materials, construction and fit, it’s also on a similar level in terms of price.

Would I buy this jersey?

Would I buy this jersey? I’d say I would, I’ve even been checking out the Le Col website to see some matching bib-shorts, which given the frequency that a certain cycling app dishes out £50 off discount codes look more inviting every time I take a peek.

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Steve Bowman is a dedicated cyclist. He doesn't just don’t ride one type of bike. He races both mountain bikes and cyclocross. He also rides on the road and commutes from time to time. Steve has raced across Europe and the UK at regional and international level including the WEMBO European and World 24hour Mountain Bike Solo Championships.

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