Deliveroo has exploded in the UK. You can’t fail to spot their delivery riders in most of the major UK towns and cities. If you are thinking of becoming a Deliveroo rider then this article is for you. I cover the basics on the business and options to help you get the best eBike for Deliveroo riders UK. Helping to ensure you are safe and legally riding.

What is Deliveroo?

A food delivery service. Historically food delivery to home was limited to pizza, Indian or Chinese. Deliveroo changed the landscape of this by partnering with restaurants all across the UK. This is not just mainstream companies but also local independent restaurants. They bring food to your door.

Deliveroo is headquartered in London and has over 2,000 employees.

Deliveroo Rider using an eBike in the UK

How many delivery riders does Deliveroo UK have?

Deliveroo operate in over 200 cities and towns across the UK. They work with 50,000 restaurant partners and major grocery partners. Deliveroo currently has more than 50,000 self-employed delivery riders.

When choosing an e-bike for delivery work, consider factors such as battery range, cargo capacity (if you need to carry a lot), comfort, and the reputation of the manufacturer for reliability and customer support. Test riding bikes and getting hands-on experience can also help you determine which model best suits your needs.

Deliveroo Rider in the UK

Buying considerations for a Deliveroo Rider

The best e-bike for Deliveroo depends on various factors, including your budget, the range you need, cargo capacity, and the terrain of your delivery area.

Here are some key buying considerations when buying an eBike for Deliveroo riders:

  1. Battery:
    • Consider the battery range, which determines how far you can travel on a single charge. For delivery work, especially in urban areas, having a sufficient range is crucial to cover multiple deliveries. You may also want to consider if the battery can be removed depending on where you can charge it at home.
  2. Cargo Capacity:
    • You may want to deliver using the backpack but there are options to use your bike to carry the load. If you look for an e-bike with a sturdy cargo rack or the ability to attach panniers or a delivery box.
  3. Frame design:
    • A step-through frame design can be beneficial for easy mounting and dismounting, especially when frequently stopping for deliveries.
  4. Comfort and Riding Position:
    • If you are planning on spending many hours doing Deliveroo deliveries make sure to consider how comfortable it is to ride. Opt for an e-bike with a comfortable riding position. This is especially important for long hours of riding. Consider features such as an adjustable saddle, ergonomic grips, and a suspension system for added comfort.
  5. Durability and Build Quality:
    • Daily riding can be hard on an eBike. You want something that you can trust and be reliable. Look for a well-built and durable e-bike that can withstand the demands of frequent use. Consider the quality of components, frame material, and overall construction.
  6. Tyres and Suspension:
    • Choose tyres that are suitable for urban riding and possibly varied terrain. Some e-bikes come with front or full suspension, which can enhance comfort, especially if you encounter uneven surfaces. I would not recommend full suspension for Deliveroo riders. It adds weight and you don’t really need that level of suspension.
  7. Brakes:
    • Ensure the e-bike is equipped with reliable brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes are commonly found on higher-end models and provide efficient stopping power, which is important for safety during deliveries.
  8. Integrated Lighting and Reflectors:
    • Consider an e-bike with integrated lights and reflectors for visibility, especially if you plan to make deliveries during low-light conditions.
  9. Weight:
    • While e-bikes are generally heavier than traditional bikes due to the battery and motor, consider a weight that you are comfortable handling, especially if you may need to carry the bike upstairs or lift it onto a rack.
  10. Security Features:
    • Look for e-bikes with built-in security features such as a locking system or GPS tracking. This is important for preventing theft, which can be a concern for delivery riders. Don’t forget the costs of a good lock. I recently had a bike stolen that had a good quality lock on it but thieves used an angle grinder on it and within minutes my bike was taken.
  11. Legal Compliance:
    • Ensure that the chosen e-bike complies with UK regulations for electric bikes, including motor power limits and speed restrictions. Read on for more information on what this means.
  12. Budget:
    • Set a budget and look for e-bikes that offer the best combination of features within that budget. Consider the overall cost, including any additional accessories you may need.

What type of eBike can a Deliveroo rider use?

There are legal restrictions on the type of eBike you are permitted to use in the UK. There are 3 types of eBikes and to use an eBike legally for Deliveroo deliveries you must use a Class 1 e-Bike. A class 1 eBike needs to use pedal assistance only so not relying on a throttle. The motor must be limited to no more than 250w and be speed limited to a maximum speed of 15.5mph. The general classification is an Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle (EAPC).

You are likely to see deilvery riders using electric bikes that are clearly in breach of this but the reality is these are not legal in the UK. They are also in breach of the guidelines outlined by Deliveroo themselves.

It’s important to note that regulations can change, and it’s advisable to check for the latest information and any updates to e-bike laws in the UK.

For more general information on eBikes in the UK and how they have grown see our update on eBikes.

Choosing an eBike as a Deliveroo rider

Deliveroo Official Guidelines for eBike riders

 Deliveroo have defined there own guidelines on what type of eBikes to use in their article Deliveroo eBikes 101.

The guidelines are summarised below and align to the legal terms of using an eBike in the UK as I outlined above. Deliveroo state that any eBike used:

  • Must have pedals that can be used to propel it
  • Must show either the power output or the manufacturer of the motor
  • Show either the battery’s voltage or the maximum speed of the bike
  • The electric motor must have a maximum power output of 250 watts, and should not be able to propel the bike when it’s travelling more than 15.5mph (around 25 kmh)
  • It can have more than 2 wheels (for example, a tricycle).
  • Your bike motor cannot exceed 250Wl.

Deliveroo go on to state that if your e-bike doesn’t comply with these rules, it will need to be registered, insured and taxed as a motor vehicle. In this case, you will also need a driving licence, and you must wear a motorcycle helmet.

Deliveroo do recognise that people may wish to convert an ordinary bike to an eBike themselves. This is not banned but Deliveroo highly recommends using a reputable provider who can ensure that the bike is converted safely and legally. My view on this is that converting a bike yourself is not sensible and likely in breach of UK legal guidelines on eBikes. Also puts you and those around at risk. Read our article on Are eBike Batteries safe for essential information to consider and stay safe with eBikes.

Renting an eBike for Deliveroo riders

Is it possible to rent an eBike for Deliveroo riders? Yes. Zoomo offer a monthly subscription service to use their eBikes. It is a relatively expensive way to get an eBike. Monthly plans start from £119 depending on length of contract. You can find more on the Zoomo plans direct from their website.

Best eBike for Deliveroo riders in the UK

My recommendation for the best eBike for Deliveroo riders in the UK is the Raleigh Motus Grand Tour LowStep. I recommend it for Deliveroo riders for a number of reasons. It is reasonably priced at under £2k with a number of deals available on the bike. With the step through frame you can easily use it while making deliveries. Weighing 28kg with a full pannier on the back it can take a serious load. With a 500Wh battery it has a range of potentially up to 100 miles so not too many recharges in a day needed.

With 9 gears and a bomb proof Bosch motor it is super reliable. The mid-mount motor produces 50Nm of torque that is essential for maintaining progress even when fully loaded. The gearing is all Shimano so reliable but equally important spares will be readily available. It has city tyres so efficient and again not expensive to replace. All important considerations for Deliveroo riders.

Raleigh Motus Grand Tour eBike

Key Features of the Raleigh Motus ebike

Frame6061 Aluminium step-through frame
MotorBosch active line plus 50Nm Torque
BatteryBosch 500Wh Lithium-ion removable battery
RangeUp to 130km (100 miles)

Reasons to buy the Raleigh Motus electric bike

Massive range and established components on the Raleigh Motus mean it is a trusted eBike you can rely on. Perfect for a Deliveroo rider looking for an eBike.

Best price for the Raleigh Motus Grand Tour LowStep e-bike

Buy the Raleigh Motus Grand Tour for £1,999 from Tredz

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