For this weeks blog I have been testing the services of BikeDelivery. We are regularly are asked for recommendations on bike deilvery services. It can be painful and costly sending a bike in the UK. So, I thought I would jump in and start using some of the options to compare them and recommend a solution.

Introduction to BikeDelivery

BikeDelivery are a UK based organisation. They are part of the Paisley Freight organisation group and specialise in sending bikes across the UK with prices starting from £39.99. They are an online delivery business that deliver bikes in 24 hours.

Tenways CGO600 Pro eBike review

How does it work?

You provide collection and delivery address details in the portal and they provide an instant quote. I tested the service sending a bike from Reading to Manchester. It was a normal bike rather than a heavy eBike but being sent a reasonable distance at around 200 miles. My quote came back instantly and this was £39.99 with next day delivery.

If you are looking at using an indoor cycling app take a look at our review of ZWIFT v ROUVY v MyWhoosh. A great set of options to improve your indoor cycling performance.

Bike Packaging

You need to package the bike up yourself and use a genuine bike box. These can be expensive but my Top tip here is to contact your local bike shop. I messaged mine and sure enough that week they had a delivery planned and happy to get rid of some recycling. I used this and was sent a label that I printed in our office and stuck to the box. Ready to roll.

Tenways CGO600 Pro delivery box

Bike Delivery

BikeDelivery used APC as a courier so they must have a range of partners they work with. APC contacted me the day before with a collection window of 2 hours and sure enough they were on time in this window. Around 20 hours later the bike being sent was in Manchester with no damage and ready for use.


At £39.99 and next day delivery I would recommend BikeDelivery for sending bikes in the UK. Reliable collection time and useful comms as you step through the journey.

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Alec Nim · May 4, 2024 at 10:25 am

Great tip to tap up local bike shop for a box. Gonna give that a go.

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