Velo-Tool approached us asking for a trusted review of their range of bike tools. We are always keen to learn about new quality bike products so jumped at the chance. Shayne from our panel of test associates is the perfect reviewer for this who has been living with them for the past 6 weeks. Read on to find out about his test of the Velo-Tool products.

Introduction to Shayne

So I’m Shayne, an age group triathlete. Having done my first triathlon in Pendle. With competitors dropping out with hypothermia, I was hooked. So, with a bit of confidence in my belt I set off on a journey to represent GB in my age group. Now I balance Dad, husband and work duties so have to make the most of a spare training moment!

Summary of Velo-Tool Review

Trivelo Score – 4.5 / 5

Overall I would highly recommend the Velo-Tool kit and have been sharing my experiences with members of my triathlon club already. The quality is incredible and the only reason why I haven’t scored it as 5/5 is the essential pouch is a touch too small to house an inner tube. For me I would have liked it big enough to cope with this and have it all in one place.

Velo-Tool Essentials Bike Pouch Velo-Tool Co2 bike pump kit

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About Velo-Tool

Velo-Tool are a UK based cycling accessory business. They have been developing a set of tools for cyclists that include water bottles and puncture kits. They sent through the Co2 inflation kit, mini-pump and water bottle for the bike for my review.

Velo-Tool Puncture Kit Testing

I have been using the pouch and taking it with me on the bike. When out and about I have been taking with me the Co2 cannister and adaptor with a bike tool, tyre levers and a wheel tool for disc brakes. It also has enough space for my cards and some emergency cash if needed. The kit was supplied with 2 tyre levers that were good quality. A common fault with tyre levers is they can be weak and break when under strain with a tough tyre. The Velo-Tool ones were strong enough to change tyres no issues. My only gripe was the set comes with only 2 and I prefer to ride with 3. Always good to be cautious rather than getting stranded on the bike.

Velo-Tool Bike Kit Review Velo-Tool accessories for bikes

The pouch fits well in the rear pocket of a cycle jersey so you can take it with you. You can get bike mounted alternatives but having it in your back pocket is something I am comfortable with. The kit is all very well made and I had no problem using any of it on training rides.

The mini-pump is handy as an emergency back up to CO2 cannisters. Always important to have to top up CO2. The pump is small as you would expect so ok for topping up but has limited capacity. Compactness key to the design.

Video Review of Velo-Tool

Shaynes video summary of his review of Velo-Tool.

Buy the Velo-Tool Kit

Buy the Velo-Tool Co2 kit for £32.99 from their Amazon shop (with free postage)

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Shayne Wilson

Shayne is an age group triathlete.  He has a young family, and a demanding job with many stresses and hours to work.  Before family he represented GB age group, and has qualified a couple of times since. He has ambitions of qualifying again to go to the Europeans Champs.