If you’re in the market for a new electric bike for city riding, a single speed option may be just what you need. These bikes offer simplicity, style, and speed, all while being powered by an electric motor. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best single speed electric bikes on the market to help you make an informed decision.

Single Speed E-Bikes


Tenways CGO600s electric single speed bike

Tenways CGO600s

New to the market Tenways have delivered with a well priced single speed eBike.


Priority ECoast single speed eBike

Priority E-Coast

Lifestyle beach cruiser single speed eBike for the US market.


Pure flux one hybrid single speed eBike

Pure Flux One

Cheapest single speed electric bike in our line up is this lightweight hybrid bike.


Cowboy 4 single speed eBike

Cowboy 4 eBike

Super stylish Cowboy electric bike always turns heads and isn’t just a pretty face 



Ampler Curt electric bike

The Ampler Curt is the lightest single speed electric bike in our list 

How we pick these bikes

At Trivelo we are super lucky to get to ride bikes from a stack of manufacturers.  We also have over 100 test associates who ride and own over 300 bikes between them.  Some stretching the n+1 bike formula quite a bit!  

For this selection of Single Speed electric bikes we used our own reviews, inputs from test associates and lots of science on the market of eBikes out there.  Helping you find the bike we have tried to combine these inputs for a technical but real set of recommendations.  

For more information with a buying guide on what to consider with a single speed electric bike read our article on this.  

1. Tenways CGO600s

Trivelo Rating - 4 / 5
Tenways CGO600s eBike
Key Facts
Key Specifications

Range – 50 miles

Battery – 250Wh

Motor – 250W

Frame – 6061 Aluminium 

Brakes – Hydraulic disc brakes

Chain – Gates Carbon belt drive 

European based Tenways have a growing range of eBikes.  The Tenways CGO600s is the first of their range and I tested a number of the bikes.  It is a Class 1 eBike built for the European market but distributed globally.  

The Tenways is lightweight and offers a good range of up to 50 miles.  With a fixie style frame it is a good looking electric bike and masks the eBike credentials.  The single speed gearing is suited for city riding but should you come across more challenging inclines from my rides out it coped well.  

Read our full review of the Tenways CGO600s single speed electric bike for more information.  

2. Priority E-Coast

Trivelo Rating - 4 / 5
Priority ECoast
Key Facts
Key Specifications

Range – 60 miles

Battery – 576Wh

Motor – 500W

Frame – 6061 Aluminium 

Brakes – Hudson Hydraulic disc brakes

Chain – Gates CDN Carbon belt drive 

I am a massive fan of Priority Bikes and been loving them for the past few years.  The Priority e-Coast is a beach cruiser style frame coupled with 3″ fat bike style tyres.  It is very much US targeted as a Class 3 electric bike.  

If you want to know more about the classifications of electric bikes and the growth in their popularity check our article on everything you need to know about eBikes with insight from a wealth of industry experts.  

With a 500w motor and 576Wh battery the E-Coast can cover 60 miles on a full charge.  The single speed gearing is designed for more lifestyle riding so nothing too adventurous on the hills.  A motor that size will get you up the inclines but this targetting flatter easier, rides.

Using the Gates carbon belt drive system the bike is smooth and silent.  A perfect companion for this style of bike.  Easy to use and effortless progress.    

If you are interested in other innovative bikes from Priority read our long term review of the Priority 600x Adventure belt drive mountain bike.  The first production mountain bike to combine the Gates carbon belt drive with the Pinion internal gearing system.  

3. Pure Flux One

Trivelo Rating - 3 / 5
Pure flux one hybrid single speed eBike
Key Facts
Key Specifications

Range – 25 miles

Battery – 252Wh

Motor – 250W

Frame – 6061 Aluminium 

Brakes – NUTT cable disc brakes

Chain – Gates CDN Carbon belt drive 

You may have heard of Pure.  Although not likely for bikes and eBikes.  Pure have been leading the way with electric scooters and broadened their product range to electric bikes.  

The Pure Flux One single speed electric bike is a stripped back modern interpretation of a fixie.  The style is very much holding this design blueprint aside from the water bottle style removable batttery.  This dilutes the aesthetics a bit for me but beauty is in the eye of the holder.  

Using the Gates carbon belt drive system the Pure Flux is powered by a Vision rear-Hub motor avoiding mid mounted motors.  It uses a 252Wh Samsung battery that will give around 25 miles of range and up to speeds of 16mph.  25 miles range isn’t great compared to others and worth considering if using for a commute journey.  The Pure Flux One is a Class 1 eBike so suitable for sale in UK and Europe.  

Available only in Europe and in one size the Pure Flux One has stolen the crown of the cheapest Single Speed Ebike from Tenways.  The previous cheapest option.  

If you are considering a folding eBike then read our long term review of the MiRider One.  A stylist folding electric bike designed for commuters.  A very different design to conventional folding bikes.  Worth a look.

4. Cowboy 4 single speed eBike

Trivelo Rating - 4 / 5
Cowboy 4 belt drive single speed electric bike
Key Facts
Key Specifications

Range – 43 miles

Battery – 360Wh

Motor – 250W

Frame – 6061 Aluminium 

Brakes – Custom Cowboy brakes

Chain – Gates CDN Carbon belt drive 

I’ve ridden both this model the Cowboy 4 and the earlier version the Cowboy 3.  Everyone who rode both electric bikes quickly became a fan.  From fellow cyclists to my father-in-law.  It often quickly followed with questions on how much they cost!

The Cowboy 4 uses the Gates carbon belt drive to power a single speed motor.  Riding around town you get a quick injection of power as coming away from junctions that makes riding around cities feel much safer.  Get into the flow of traffic speeds much quicker than conventional bikes. 

With a removable battery the Cowboy 4 would be perfect for anyone who can’t easily get their eBike to a plug.  Flat owners this is a stylish option built for you.  Leave the bike locked in central storage and take the battery with you as you go.  The battery can then be charged remotely.   

As a single speed electric bike it is smooth and simple to ride.  No gears or throttle to consider as it is pedal assisted.  There are plenty of clever features as well with the mobile app connectivity allowing you to stay safe.  Remote alerting of the bike having an accident or being stolen as an example.

Very stylish and very effortless to ride.  

Read our long term review of the Cowboy 3 for more information.  We are in the middle of a review of the Cowboy 4 which we will publish later this year.  

5. Ampler Curt single speed electric Bike

Trivelo Rating - 3.5 / 5
Key Facts
Key Specifications

Range – 50 miles

Battery – 336Wh

Motor – 250W

Frame – 6061 Aluminium 

Brakes – Hydraulic brakes

Chain – Gates CDX Carbon belt drive 

The Ampler Curt masks its electric credentials almost entirely.  The Ampler has the design of classic single speed fixie in spite of being an electric bike.  With an internal battery housed in the down tube Ampler have managed to squeeze in a 336Wh capacity battery.  

This is the lightest single speed eBike in our line up.  Weighing in at less than 15kg is not bad even for a conventional bike.  The mobile app that accompanies the Ampler Curt gives insight on range and connectivity.  

The motor is a 250w power unit that matches many in the Class 1 eBikes.  The power delivery is very light though and some others in the line up such as the Cowboy 4 give a bit more instant power.  You might feel this more in built up traffic where the pedal assistance power can be a real comfort to feeling safe in traffic.

With a good range of 50 miles the Ampler Curt is a great option if weight is key.  As the eBike has no removable battery carrying the bike for charging may be a key feature.  

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This article is a great resource for anyone looking to simplify their city commute with a single-speed electric bike. It’s always helpful to have a curated list of options, making it easier to choose the perfect ride for urban transportation. I appreciate the emphasis on city riding, as these bikes are designed to navigate urban streets efficiently. Well done!

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