Triathlon Bikes FAQ Frequently Asked Questions on Triathlon / TT bikes.  Top answers from our panel of Ironman triathletes on the questions you have on triathlon bikes. 

Triathlon Bikes Basics FAQs

Question:  What is a Triathlon bike?

Answer:  Triathlon bikes put simply are bicycles used by triathletes competing in triathlons.  It is not necessary to use a triathlon bike to compete in a triathlon, you are able to use road bikes alternatively.  A triathlon bike is designed to enable a triathlete to complete the bike leg of a race and begin to run with energy to finish.  Being able to transition from cycling to running without impact is key to triathlon success.   

Triathlon Bikes Costs FAQs

Question:  Why are Triathlon Bikes Expensive?

Answer:   Compared to equivalent specification road bikes, triathlon bikes in fact are comparable in terms of price to a road bike.  The reality is you really can spend thousands on road bikes as well as triathlon bikes.  Triathlon bikes don’t tend to have low-end models which results in them starting at prices above comparable low-end road bikes which is why they appear more expensive.  It means you can buy a road bike for a much lower starting price. 

Triathlon Bikes Design FAQs

Question:  What is the difference between a road bike and a triathlon bike?

Answer:  The seat tube on a triathlon bike frame is  between 76 and 78 degrees.  That angle is steeper than most road bikes.  Road bikes frames end to be more like 72 degrees.  This results in a more compact bike,  shorter and lower slung to the ground.  


Question:  Why are triathlon bikes different?

Answer: Triathlon bikes are profiled with an aerodynamic shape designed to minimise the footprint of the front of the bike.  The frame features a more upright seat tube to permit the rider to sit further forwards effectively over the bottom bracket.  The handlebars include aero bars to allow the rider to minimise resistance and ride in a more horizontal tuck position.


Having founded Trivelo in 2015 after many years competing in triathlon Billy continues to enjoy cycling and triathlon. Founder Billy enjoys road cycling and mountain biking for some adventure. Generally a fair weather cyclist who come the winter months retreats to the turbo trainer!