This weeks latest product review comes from Shayne a regular Trivelo test associate. Shayne has been doing the Velo-Tool Large Essentials Carry Case Review. He previously reviewed the original Velo-Tool case and was impressed but had shared feedback on looking for a larger size. They have responded and this is the review of the new bike case. We love working with responsive brands like Velo-Tool so a real pleasure to get this review out and share more on their products.

Summary of Velo-Tool Large Essentials Carry Case Review

Trivelo Score – 4 / 5

As a summary of my review of the latest Velo-Tool case I give this product 4/5.  Its perfect for training rides and have an organised mini tool kit for between ride tinkering.  However, I could not see how I could use this during a race. As a future development I feel there is definitely a market for a retrofit and aero dynamic toolkit. For regular rides though this is a great product.

velo-tool essentials large carry case opened velo-tool essentials large carry case carbon finish

Introduction to Shayne

I’m Shayne, Level 2 Triathlon Coach for Team TriGuru, GB age group athlete, finisher of Triathlon X and aspiring Ironman World Champs athlete. I’ve been asked to review the Velo Tool tool bag.

First Impressions

Firstly, it looks great, every triathlete loves carbon and this has that carbon look to it lovely. It has two compartments either side of an elastic midsection, giving it a solid feel, but with the ability to expand to fit a little more in. It feels well made, and I now know its well made because I crashed recently, landed on it and theres barely a mark on it.

The size at first glance makes it appear that it would not fit in a jersey pocket, however as you can see from the pictures, it fits fairly comfortably in any of the jersey or jacket compartments. In fact its really comfortable and not noticeable.

Compared with a previous design which was shorter, the extra length to this Velo-Tool Large Essentials Carry Case, means it fits closer to your body. So, less prone to digging in, a really important change when considering comfort factor on longer rides. This extra height means this bag is barely noticeable on longer rides in your pocket.

What you can take in a Velo-Tool Large Essentials Carry Case

The size of the essentials carry case means that I currently have room for:

  • Mini pump
  • CO2 adapter / vlve
  • CO2 cannister (I could fit a spare in also.
  • 1 x slime filled inner tube. You’d have more room is the inner tube wasn’t slime filled. I use the slime version to mean I’d have less need to carry two inner tubes.
  • Multi tool wrench
  • Multi tool adapters
  • Disc brake adjuster
  • Spare chain link

Enough space for credit / debit card and spare change for coffee (cake). Plenty of space for all your essential tools to make sure you’re prepared for most mechanical issues on the bike, with room to spare for more smaller tools if you need it.

Using the Velo-Tool large carry case for cycling velo-tool essentials large carry case testing

Using the Velo-Tool Large Essentials Carry Case on rides

This is a great addition to your tool needs, especially if you ride a bike where under saddle bags are less preferable.  My Aero bike has the rear light under the saddle, meaning this is perfect for my pocket.   

I use this on all my training rides now, plus it means that I have tools that are easy to reach and organised if I have any “tinkering” to do in between / before rides.   

When I race, I would not be thinking of using this product, if it’s a shroter TT / Sprint / Olympic race, then I take the risk and ride without a mechanical set (if you get a mechanical then the race is over really).  If it’s a longer race, then my speedsuit wouldn’t accommodate this product so I’d ride with an under saddle case.   

Video Summary of Velo-Tool Large Essentials Carry Carry Case Review

Hear from Shayne in his video summary from using the Velo-Tool Essentials carry case testing.

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Shayne Wilson

Shayne is an age group triathlete.  He has a young family, and a demanding job with many stresses and hours to work.  Before family he represented GB age group, and has qualified a couple of times since. He has ambitions of qualifying again to go to the Europeans Champs. 


Mathias Vincent · May 1, 2024 at 9:16 am

Does it come with any frame mount options?

    Billy · May 1, 2024 at 9:53 am

    Sorry no. They only sell as a stand-alone unit but will pass on feedback for them to consider. Thanks for reading.

Sasha Itaque · April 7, 2024 at 12:32 pm

Great idea. Hate stuff all bundled up in the back pocket while I am riding. Really uncomfortable. This look like a perfect answer.

Harry Ipsum · March 18, 2024 at 11:57 am

Useful looking case. Saves stashing loads of stuff in my back pocket and then never being able to find anything without taking off my top.

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