Use our testing expertise to optimise your product.

Real Product Testing

Through our network of crowdsourced testers, we can ensure products work in real life, delivering final usability testing

Real Athletes

Optimise your products and your customer experience.

Real Testing

Tackle all usability issues in your product.

What We Test

We test all your sports products, from nutrition, clothing, equipment and technology. If it is used by athletes we can test and optimise it.


Energy gels, protein bars, hydration, recovery, shaker bottles, vitamins and supplements.


Bikes, helmets, saddles, turbo trainers, wheels, tyres, pumps, goggles, bags, bottles.

Trivelo testing screens

Wetsuits, swimwear, trainers, footwear, sunglasses, race belts, compression clothing, socks, underwear, tri-suits, cycling shorts.


Lights, watches, mobile apps, headphones, wearable tech, computers, heart rate monitors.

Why use Trivelo

Testers from Trivelo can test a product under real training conditions. Testing performed is unbiased as they do not belong to any organisation. Trivelo squad testers are paid to provide honest feedback before products go to market hence it is very much essential for product development


Select the perfect profile of athletes.


Tailor-made solutions for all test needs.


Athletes from every discipline and location.