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I’m a time trialler/road racer who has moved towards Cyclo cross and mountain bike racing through the years. As a duathlete I have medaled at the British Age Group championships 3 times and have represented GB as an Age group athlete at multiple championships. Currently I am a Zwift racer so hydration has become a crucial part of my racing as I am sat indoors.

Summary of Precision Hydration Product Review

Through all my testing there have been two points of note:

  1. I have been full of beans for an entire race no matter the distance while consuming either the PH1500 or PH1000 or when I use both in a longer race
  2. The only thing I found a little off is I drink strong squash and later in the race a little more flavor would have been nice

However I have to say this, flavor (strength) is a personal thing and what flavor there is I find non offensive so I have no problem drinking either the 1500 or 1000 very late in a race and while under a great deal of pressure. My stomach at no point has felt bloated or have a felt sick at the thought of drinking. 

To conclude this the best way possible I shall simply say I have just spent my own money buying more of this product as I am racing well and want to carry on using it. 

Pros & Cons of Precision Hydration

Pros –

  • You always get the volume right as they come in little sachets 
  • When they mix in the water there are no grains so you can drink to the bottom of the bottle with confidence.
  • Different strength mixtures
  • Hydration plan/strategy recommendations before you purchase
  • Confidence that they are sportsman safe and have been properly tested

Cons –

  • Limited flavor options
  • Flavor is a little weak for me
  • Effervescent tabs like to really fizz and spit the drink at you, however I did find that letting them settle before sealing the lid and not popping the cap down removed this issue
  • Salt tablets are big which may put some people off taking them
  • The amount of emails I have received since doing the online survery

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Assessment of hydration needs

The first thing you do is an online survey to predict your sweat rate. I had been deemed to be a high sweat rate person and as such small box arrived with the PH1500 and PH1000 in small boxes with the sachets inside, a tube of effervescent tablets and the salt tablets. All in order and very organised and easy to use. 

I must admit I am not fully convinced by the questions to decide sweat rate, I actually tried a few times and always came out as a high sweater which is not something I think I am. I’m also not known for drinking loads on my rides. Have been referred to as a Camel more than once. 

If you are looking for a meal replacement supplement check our review of Protein Works. A complete milkshake replacement that frankly kicks the ass of Huel. Start taking your nutrition seriously.

First test of the Precision Hydration products

I used the effervescent tablets out on a 2 hour easy ride then on a steady turbo ride and apart from the fizz face I got this was good, I was well hydrated throughout and had no dramas at all. For the sake of testing I also did a session on squash using salt tablets, again no issue. They are large tablets but actually very easy to swallow, if I was running or riding a long way these would not be an issue to use either.

Using Precision Hydration for indoors training

Now we move the real reason I wanted to test Precision Hydration. I want to race on ZWIFT and therefore hydration and being fueled to the end of a race is crucial. Over a few weeks used a number of different approaches to using the sachets. I followed the preload instructions and started on the PH1500 early, I couldn’t eat food, drink coffee and do the full bottle but I tried and during my races had no issues. I have also just started my race and used a 1500 from the get go. Finally, for a 72km race this morning I put a bottle of 1500 and 1000 on the bike and drank during my warmup.  This was for me the best solution as breakfast had gone down and I wasn’t in need of a last minute bathroom trip.

See Marks video of Precision Hydration Review

Hear direct from Mark as he speaks about his experience using Precision Hydration.

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Mark Shepherd

Experienced duathlon competitor and Bronze medal winner at AgeGroup Champs in 2011, 2017 and 2018.


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